Barcelona-based architect Valentina Main coping with the extremely small apartment she bought. Great to see how simple ideas can make this 25 square meter apartment big enough.



House SSK

January 18, 2013

Love love love this concept from Van Noten Architects. I find renovation projects to be far more interesting than new houses being build from scratch. And this a great take on the typical belgian row houses.

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Sunken bridge

November 14, 2012

Great piece of architecture by RO&AD. This bridge leads visitors to a historic Dutch fort below the water surface without getting them wet. But what makes it more intriguing is that it becomes invisible from a distance and has no impact whatsoever. And to make it complete, it has a strong visual reference to war trenches.

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Interesting idea, why not design products so that they become more beautiful the more you use them and the more wear and tear damage there is. Like a nice pair of leather shoes or an old pocket watch. Suddenly the old iPhone 2G looks much nicer than his younger brothers.

Het Klokhuis

October 3, 2012

This takes me back! New opening titles of the kids science tv program Het Klokhuis. I didn’t know it was still on tv, great work by (who other than) KesselsKramer!